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Case C-154/11 19 July 2012. Ahmed Mahamdia

Case C-154/11 19 July 2012. Ahmed MahamdiaAbstract: The ruling of the ECJ which dated July 19, 2012, turns out to be specially interesting, for the extent of the matters that it approaches and for doing it in an unpublished context: the contract of work. The ECJ delimits the scope of the immunity of jurisdiction in the frame of the litigations regulated by the Regulation nº 44/2001, it defines the concepts of “branch, agency or another establishment” in the area of the labor relation (art. 18.1), and it determines the conditions of validity of the clause of submission expresses even to jurisdictions of third States

Dra. Pilar Juárez Pérez
Profesora Titular de Derecho Internacional Privado
Universidad Carlos III
Millenium DIPr